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A fun Grad Party Photo Booth Rental.

grad party photo booth rental

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Here’s some great grad party ideas:

Start with a Grad Party Photo Booth Rental.

No more boring napkins Roll them up and tie them with ribbon to make them look like diplomas.

Create delicious diploma roll appetizers by filling wraps with a mixture of the ingredients of your choice. Finish with a ribbon.

Have your guests to write down some of their favorite memories with the graduate and then place the memories in a decorated jar.

Ask your guests to share inspirational quotes by creating a lovely Words to Live By wall decoration.

This one’s a given. Decorate your walls with photos of the graduate growing up.

Toga parties anyone? Invite your guest to dress for the party or provide a number of clean bed sheets for guests to use as togas.

Want to make your balloons more festive? Attach the graduation year and some colorful streamers.

A ribbon tied around the center of some pirouette cookies make fun edible diplomas.

Make your graduation party’s cupcakes more festive by using toppers that say the graduation year and ˜Congrats Grad”.

Celebrating two graduates who are going to different colleges? Create two food tables decorated with each school’s colors.

Graduate is going to art school? Use some paint cans as a cute graduate party favor. Add a cap and tassel to the top of the can.

Place quote cards next to your guest’s plates. To get the conversation started, have your guests share their quote with everyone at the table.

Give your guests a pair of cool, sparkly “grad glasses” to wear during the graduation party. Available at dollar stores every year around graduation time.

Fold up dollar bills into graduation caps for a creative way to give money to a graduate.

For a graduation decoration idea display a memory board with some of the graduate’s favorite memories from school.

Use some foods that match your graduate’s school colors. Black and red tortilla chips come to mind.

Make floating photo frames. Print images of your graduate on thin, 4×6-sized, lightweight paper, then attach those images to colorful, helium-filled balloons.

Celebrate your graduate’s new school by using the school’s colors in your graduation party desserts. M&Ms come in all sorts of colors. They can even be customized with the graduate’s initials.

As your graduate heads off towards their future, invite your guests to look into their own futures with decorated fortune cookies.

Frame and hang up one of your graduation party invitations or a photo of the graduate. Have guests sign the frame to create a wonderful keepsake.

Create a colorful graduation year table setting by filing number-shaped dishes with bright chocolate candies.

Celebrate the good times of high school with a memory jar. Decorate a mason jar, have some pens or pencils on hand, and enough strips of paper for each guest.

Contact your graduate’s friends and ask them to provide photographs showing the time that they spent together in school. Ask for the photos and memories beforehand, and use them to create a professionally printed photo-book.

Make a unique photo collage of your graduate by attaching black and white photos to papier-mâché letters that spell out “Grad” or “Graduate”.

Decorate your desserts with your graduate’s school mascot.

Create a fun keepsake for your graduate by inviting guests to write memories they’ve built with them on Jenga blocks.

Wrap up the party by giving your guests colorful graduation cap cookies to take home.

Of course, don’t forget the Grad Party Photo Booth Rental.

Need some ideas for your graduation party?  Check out this page – https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/g5159/graduation-party-ideas/