The Booth

open photo booth
Open Photo Booth

The Open Booth

The open style photo booth can be used with any number of backdrops. View some options here.
A beauty ring light gives you great photos every time.
Roaming Photo Booth. The head comes off the stand to become a “Roaming Photo Booth”. We take the photo booth to your guests! This is a great way to get photos of guests who may not otherwise make it to the photo booth.

The open booth offers the advantage of a larger number of guests in the picture with less crowding.  Since the subjects are a bit farther from the camera this results in “3/4 to full length” type photos as you can see from the pictures below.  Guests can also get a close up by simply moving closer to the camera.  The open booth is also more suitable for small children and wheelchairs.

gold sequin photo booth backdrop
black photo booth backdrop

The Enclosed Booth

This is a true full sized Photo Booth utilizing a 22″ monitor.  Guests can clearly see themselves and pose prior to the picture being taken.

Below is the enclosed booth with the black curtain.
The flexible curtain allows room for a large number of guests.

Enclosed Photo Booth / Black curtain enclosure

The enclosed booth offers a bit of privacy for those concerned about that.
Since the subjects are closer to the camera the pictures are usually from the chest up resulting in more “close up” type photos as you can see from the pictures below.

Black Photo Booth Backdrop
white photo booth backdrop
enclosed photo booth
Enclosed Booth / White Curtain Enclosure

See other curtain background colors for the enclosed booth here

The enclosed booth may also be used open style.
We remove the curtain enclosure and you choose a backdrop.
See some backdrop selections here.

open photo booth
Open Booth / Light Gray Backdrop

See more backdrop selections for the open style booth here

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