Q – Why choose Arizona Photo Booth Rentals?
A – It’s the little things that make a difference.

* Attention to detail.  We make sure to meet your needs.
* High-quality Canon cameras and high speed dry to the touch printers.
* Full on-site backup equipment in case of any electronics failure.
* We even run the booth off an Uninterruptible Power Supply
(UPS Backup) in case the power goes out.  This prevents the booth from crashing and damage to the printer.
* The owner of the business is your photo booth attendant.

Q – Is your booth open or enclosed?
A – The choice is yours.  The photo booth can be used with a privacy curtain just like traditional photo booths.  If you prefer the open style you can choose from a variety of colored or patterned backdrops.

*  Enclosed booths generally take pictures from the waist or lower chest up.
Therefore enclosed booths are not recommended for events with small children or people in wheelchairs.

* Open booths can be adjusted to take pictures from head to foot.  These booths are ideal for small children and wheelchair access.  More guests will fit in the open booth picture.

Q – How much space is required?
A – The enclosed booth is 3′ wide x 5′ deep.
The open style booth backdrop can be adjusted between 6′ to 10′ wide.
Ideally, we would like an approximate 10′ x 10′ area.  This allows room for the booth, the prop table, the memory album table and room for your guests.  The booth will be busy and you don’t want your guests crammed into a small corner.  If you can’t allot a 10′ x 10′ area for the photo booth let us know and we’ll work with you.

Q – What about power requirements?
A – Just one ordinary 110v household outlet is all that is needed.

Q – How many people can fit in the booth?
A – If you really like each other we can squeeze up to 12 guests into the enclosed booth.  (The flexibility of the curtain enclosure allows us to do this.)  Even more, guests can gather in front of the open booth backdrop.

Q – Is the photo booth easy to use?
A – Yes, instructions on the screen guide your guests before each photo is taken.  The attendant always helps your guests get started and answers any questions.

Q – Are my guests limited to the number of photos they can take?
A – Your guests may use the photo booth as many times as they like during your rental time.

Q – Can my photo strips be personalized?
A – Yes.  You can choose from our selection of photo strip designs.  It’s easy to customize the designs with your desired colors, text and images.  We can also create a photo strip design to match your invitations.

Q – How much time will I need?
A – 2 hours is a good length of time for up to 100 guests.
3 hours is suggested for up to 200 guests.
4 hours or more is suggested for more than 200 guests.
If you are short on time there are ways to increase the number of guests per the allotted time.  Let us know and we’ll work with you.

Q – How soon should I reserve my date?
A – As soon as possible.  With our high quality and low rates, dates fill up fast.  We have bookings well over a year in advance.  We can also take short notice bookings (contact us to find out if your date is available).

Q – Can the photo booth be used outdoors?
A – Our booth is for indoor use only.  We may consider a covered patio.  We’ll need more information to make a determination.

Contact us for more information