Green Screen Photo Booth Backgrounds

Would you like to add something different to your event?  Our green screen photo booth can insert custom background images of your choosing behind your guests.  Go beyond simple colored or sequined backgrounds. Make your event unique!

Would you like a Roaring Twenties themed party, a Mod ’60s event, a Movie Themed celebration?  Do you want to transport your guests to some exotic location; Las Vegas, Hawaii, Outer Space?  The choices are limited only by your imagination.  We can make it happen!  Different backgrounds for each photo. Immerse your guests in a whole new world of possibilities.

We’ll work with you to create the perfect backgrounds for your event!  We’ll find the background images for you and / or guide you in finding background images.

You’ve seen green screens used in TV and movies all the time.  Now it’s your turn to be the star of the show.

Choose from our huge selection of Green Screen Photo Booth backgrounds.  You’re not limited to just one background.  Choose several so each picture can have a different background if you like.  How can we offer so many different backgrounds and even offer multiple backgrounds???  Green screen – your guests will be photographed in front of a green backdrop that is instantly digitally replaced with one of the backgrounds you have selected for your event.  Guests will see themselves in front of the digital background as they pose for their photo.  Choose any background, or choose multiple backgrounds.  It’s fun watching your guests react to each new scene.

Perfect for brand activation as well.

Get a good idea of how green screen works by clicking the image or button below to try it out.  

If you are using a laptop or desktop make sure your webcam is on.

Click any photo below to see more selections.




Halloween / Zombies

’60s / Mod



Eid Mubarak



Brick / Stone


Wood / Barn


Love Hearts



Magazine Covers

Don't see what you want here?

We'll show you how easy it is to find backgrounds.

You can select your own backgrounds.

Visit any online desktop wallpaper site. Choose the images you want for your backgrounds. (Please choose desktop size backgrounds)

Select Your Own Backgrounds

Although we’ve listed many backgrounds above, this just scratches the surface.
The choices are limitless.  If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.