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We understand not everyone is planning a Photo Booth Rental in Gilbert, AZ for a Shark Week Party like this family did so we came up with a list of five interesting things to do in Gilbert, AZ.

photo booth rental in gilbert, az

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The Shark Week Party

First of all a Shark Week Party is a great idea. Its been a tradition in this family for 30 years. Over that period of time they’ve gotten to know their sharks. By the time I arrived to set up the Photo Booth, the props and decorations had already been laid out in preparation of the guests arrival. Once the guests did arrive the Photo Booth was busy all afternoon. Everyone walked away with a souvenir Shark Week photo strip as a great memory of the time spent with their family and friends.

Some of the guests brought food including home made strawberry ice cream, made fresh that morning. This paired well for many guests with the pizza delivery. One guest had the thoughtful idea of bringing some vegan treats for the vegetarians.

So, if you’re not attending a Shark Week Party in Gilbert here’s our list of

5 things to do in Gilbert, AZ.

1. Organ Stop Pizza

If the pizza we talked about earlier made you hungry check out this spot featuring music from a vintage Wurlitzer organ and a great Italian and pizza menu.

2. Gilbert Historical Museum

A historical landmark building complete with a gift shop, photos and artifacts from Gilbert’s history.

3. Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory

If you’re into birds instead of sharks check this place out. A small but nice place to visit. Its child and pet friendly. You’ll see lots of ducks and other birds.

4. 12 West Brewing Company

Need something cold to wash down that pizza? Head over to this place. They’ve got bar games, good service, a nice beer selection, live music and outdoor seating.

5. Top Golf

Driving range, lounge with drinks & games. Cocktails, wine, outdoor seating and rooftop seating,

6. Photo Booth Rental

Wait, I know we said 5, but if you are planning an event and are in need of a Photo Booth Rental in Gilbert, AZ, check us out.  We’re not far from Gilbert.