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Homecoming Dance –  Photo Booth Rental

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A Homecoming Dance usually takes place in late September or early October, welcoming back returning and former students and alumni. A football game often takes place prior to the dance.

homecoming dance


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Homecoming Dance

The homecoming court is a representative group of students consisting of a king and queen, and sometimes a prince and princess.

Students traditionally nominate classmates who have contributed a lot to their school. Then students vote for members of the court from the nominees. Once the homecoming court candidates are announced, the student body submits their votes for the queen and king. The voting is most often conducted by ballot, but other methods may also be employed.

Usually, the king and queen are seniors completing their final years of study. The prince and princess are underclassmen. Some high schools have chosen to add additional roles, such as duke and duchess, to expand the representation of students.

Sometimes the homecoming king and queen are crowned at the dance. But the crowning can also occur prior to the dance at a  pep rally or school assembly before the football game or another school event.

Usually, the previous year’s king and queen are invited back to crown the new royalty. Sometimes a teacher or other designated person will perform the tasks. Usually, the queen is crowned first, and then the king.

Other royalty may include homecoming court members who are not crowned king or queen. At many schools, a homecoming prince and princess, Duke, and Duchess and other royalty are crowned along with the king and queen.

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