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5 LDS Wedding Reception Ideas.

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As we are a Photo Booth Rental company our first suggestion of course will be to rent a Photo Booth.  Participating in LDS receptions we’ve seen some other fun ideas and have included 5 LDS Wedding Reception Ideas below –

5 LDS Wedding Reception Ideas

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5 Ideas for an LDS Wedding Reception

LDS receptions normally revolve around the couple and temple ordinances without lavish extravagances overshadowing the event. Below are a few ideas to help make your reception unique, fun and enjoyable.

1. Rent a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great idea for receptions. The printed photo strips make great keepsakes for your guests (think of them as wedding favors). Many photo booth rental companies can create a scrapbook for you with each guest writing you a note next to their picture. What a wonderful replacement for the usual guest book. Something to look back on years from now.

2. Place Photos of Your Romance Throughout The Room

Give guests a glimpse into your courtship by posting your childhood and engagement photos throughout the room. Relatives and guests will love talking and remeniscing with each other about how they know you. This will rekindle fond memories for many.

3. Pass The Microphone During The Toasts

The toasts and speeches can be shared with other family members and guests who would like to speak. Many will have a nice story about the bride and groom to relate. This can also take the burden off the best man and maid of honor. Don’t forget to say something yourselves, such as thanking the guests for coming and acknowledging your parents as well as guests who have traveled some distance.

4. Create a Special First Dance

Of course you’ve selected a special song for your first dance. Don’t let it go unoticed. Make sure you have everyone’s attention before the dance begins. If you like, take the microphone and let everyone know why you chose this particular song and what it means to the two of you.

5. Visit Guests at Their Tables

Receiving lines can be uncomfortable for some involved. They also take up a lot of time. By visiting guests at their tables you can spend more time with them in an informal manner. Its also a great opportunity for a group photo with everyone at the table.

Those are our 5 LDS Wedding Reception Ideas.  For more great information about planning an LDS Wedding this website is very good – https://www.weddinglds.com/

To learn more about the church visit this website – https://www.lds.org/?lang=eng

If you are interested in the history of photo booths check out this article – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photo_b…

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